About Triple Fire


Triple Fire International

Performance products bring innovation to the world, and innovation creates change and growth creates change. At the centre of it all is where we want to be found. Triple Fire International is all about the best products that can change and help bring the world to a better place.


With nearly 20 years experience, we boast of working with well known companies in the energy, agricultural and mineral field, from countries like Asia, USA and South Africa.


Our dream of bringing the best of products to the ordinary man on the streets has driven us to form partnership with the world’s best companies in the fields earlier listed.

Triple Fire Int’l is the distributor of Pratley products in NIgeria. Pratley products come from seventy (70) years of scientific practice and usage. We have filed over 350 patents worldwide.



To be the competitive leading distributor of adhesives and mineral products in Nigeria.


Distribute, sell and trade the best quality adhesive and mineral products that far exceeds market standards and the needs of the clients.


The core of Triple Fire International is found in the acronym CIPTEx. This values go beyond words and have become the building blocks of our organization and the people that make up the organization.


C- Customer Focus: we focus on helping our clients strengthen and hold the top competitive position and performance in their field.

I- Innovation: by teaming up with the best team in the market, we strive to create the next new market standard.

P- Personal Development: by constantly growing and empowering our work force, we create avenue for our staff to become a better version of themselves daily.

T- Team: We believe and uphold the values and importance of team work and thhus synergize all potentials for greater developments.

Ex- Exceeding all Expectations: from the most minute detail to the biggest projects, we strive to go beyond the imaginations of all involved in our world.